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“We just wanted to thank you for an amazing year with our kids. Jayce and Ella are both “piano superstars” because of you. They both REALLY ROCK on the piano!! Sometimes while I am making dinner, they will be practicing their music and it will just bring me to tears. To hear them go from “Twinkle Star” to “Symphony No. 5″ in a year just really wows me. You have been such an inspiration to them. They both just love and adore you Heather. You are so incredibly talented and they are so lucky to have you as their piano teacher. Thank you for all you do. You are so awesome!” – Dawn & Britain

“Heather is an amazing and accomplished piano teacher. My daughter took piano lessons for 9 years and my son took lessons for 5 years. She always provided excellent instruction and timely feedback so that I could be in the loop with the practice expectations and performance. She does a nice mix of classical pieces and more modern, fun pieces to keep the kids interested. She also offers the Certificate of Merit program for kids who like a little challenge. My children love that they can sit down at the piano and make something beautiful come out of it, and I know that is because of the sincerity that Heather puts into her teaching. I highly recommend lessons from Heather’s Piano Studio!” – Mariko

"Heather is an exceptional piano teacher! My daughters took weekly lessons from Heather for about 8 years. Not only did they learn to play piano beautifully, they learned to perform at recitals, to be dedicated to something every week, and to prioritize their busy schedules to build in time for practice and study for Certificate of Merit. They also gained a love and appreciation for the music they played. Heather creates a special community with the families she teaches. She has a deep understanding of music and an ability to teach with passion, patience and kindness. My daughters now have a strong foundation in music they will keep in their hearts always. I give Heather my highest recommendation.”Tracey

“Heather is an incredible piano teacher! She is structured, patient meets the students where they are, and challenging in the best way. Our daughter grew so much over her years of taking lessons. Heather helped our daughter learn to read music, and music theory and to play with beautiful dynamics and emotion. I would highly recommend her! Thank you Heather for all your years of dedication to your craft and to teaching your students.” - Mark

“You are the best piano teacher that I’ve ever had. In just a short while you were able to teach me vital piano skills that no other teacher has successfully accomplished. I would love to have the great patience, kindness, love, and compassion you exhibit.” – Heidi

“We feel so blessed to have you as Bennett’s piano teacher! You put so much of your heart and soul into your teaching. You continue to be an extraordinary inspiration for Bennett. Thank you for your very special talent.” – Julie

“Thanks so much for teaching Emma. She’s learned more in the few months she’s been with you than the year she was with her other teacher. Your patience & fun all wrapped into one!” – Teresa