Piano Lessons

Heather Thompson Smits teaches piano

Mission Statement:

To teach my students confidence, diligence, piano proficiency, and the skills needed to perform successfully and play expressively.


  • Recitals: I host at least 2 formal recitals and 2 performance classes per year.  Recitals are an important part of musical growth.  Students learn self-discipline, performance skills and feel a great sense of accomplishment when they share their progress with others.
  • Certificate of Merit Program: A California annual evaluation program.  Students can earn certificates, medallions and play in county honors recitals.  Participation looks great on college applications! https://www.mtac.org/programs/performance/certificate-of-merit/
  • Competitions: I occasionally present students with local & virtual competition opportunities.
  • Community Service: My students and I occasionally perform as a group at local retirement homes.


  • Technology: I incorporate the latest software & apps into my lessons to help students with technique, note reading, ear training, rhythm, and theory.  Currently, I am using the Piano Marvel software in my studio and it’s incredible!
  • Awards: Students can earn certificates, ribbons, medals, and trophies for going above and beyond in my studio. Awards are handed out at my recitals.
  • Music Selection: My main focus is classical training but I encourage students to play a variety of genres and whatever inspires them to practice!  I love it when students come to me with song requests.
Heather Thompson Smits teaches piano